Pioneer PRV-LX1 Support

Pioneer PRV-LX1 System Update 3.07/1.04

PRV-LX1 System Update Firmware Version 3.01 and O/S Version 1.04 Description of Additions and Changes.

Version 3.01/1.04 contains all earlier version changes plus the following:

♦ PAL Support
PAL/NTSC (TV System) Switching Function
PAL/NTSC (TV System) for Playback
PAL/NTSC (TV System) for Recording
PAL/NTSC (TV System) for Menu


♦ Project Management Modification (GUI)
– NTSC – PAL recorded clips begin with the letter P
– PAL – NTSC recorded clips begin with the letter N


♦Release of Restricted Playback Function
Built-in DVD playback application from Pioneer

♦ Remote Control Support for NLE
Additional RS-422A and IEEE-1394 command support for Non Linear Editors (NLEs)

♦ Expanded EDL Format
Entries for auto naming Titles/Chapters and the ability to set encode parameters

♦ EDL Renaming
Support to rename EDL files

♦ VOB File Export
Allows VOB file exportation through the network connection

♦ Backup Capability for User Setting to USB HDD
Add the capability of backing up the User Settings

♦ Title Repeat Command
Adds a DVD Menu post command option of Title-Repeat

♦ Route Menu Capability (Title > Chapter)
Allows two layer menus, Title Menu(s) with Chapter Menu(s)

♦ DVD Disc Creation With Introduction and Idle Clip
Force a disc to automatically play an Introductory Clip

♦ Improvement of the Default Menu Handling
Save and Load options added for improved Default Menues

♦ Improvement of Title (Clip) Name Editing
Project command added to rename multiple clips at once

♦ Mouse Wheel Operation and SCAN Speed of RCU
Scan Forward/Scan Reverse using a wheel mouse

♦ Divide Clip
Ability to divide a single clip into two independent clips

♦ Auto-Stop Feature for Recording
Unit stops recording when left in Pause for one hour or if the HDD(or DVD) is full

♦ Eject With Finalization
enable disc finalization when the Eject button is pressed